June 29, 2006


Yesterday, I received a purple folded thank you card in the mail. It was signed by 26 students from Molalla River School District in Oregon. Smiley faces accompanied the note that read Thank You for helping us with our State Farm Grant. The simple card had me smiling for the rest of the day. Opening the rest of the mail, I received another joy. There were two newspaper headlines that were better then a birthday present.

Principal: Service-Learning to be major part of MRMS In the article, Jasmine Freese, the Communities that Cares, Coordinator was acknowledged as the one responsible for bringing service-learning to the Molalla District and thus leveraging community and corporate partnerships to support the students. One in particular was the wildfire prevention program funded by State Farm. Jasmine set the example, brought teachers on board and now has the ear of the State Superintendent of schools looking to replicate the Molalla service-learning model.

The next headline:

A Community That Cares: State School Superintendent rewards Molalla’s collaborative spirit: Jasmine Freese has received the Outstanding Community/Schools Partnership Award. Congratulations Jasmine.

Let me close with this: appreciation matters, it inspires, and it can help others recognize the work your doing should be replicated. Take the opportunity to submit, show your appreciation for your organization, and nominate your colleagues, staff, or volunteers. It’s a great way to say thank you.

Here is an opportunities to nominate your colleagues or volunteers, and 2 winners are able to make a $23,000 donation to charities of their choosing, the other 20 finalists will receive $2,300 to donate. Deadline to apply is July 7th.


-Heather Margolis, National Service-Learning Partnership

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