June 23, 2006

New Service-Learning Evaluation Tool Kit !

Looking for pre and post surveys along with a data entry, analysis tools and a code book for service-learning evaluation ? Well you are in luck.

The Center for Youth and Communities (CYC) at Brandeis University has published Making Knowledge Productive: Skills and Tools for Evaluating Community Service-Learning Programs in Massachusetts. It is a soup to nuts evaluation tool kit.

This tool kit includes resources for evaluation, planning, logic models, skills and tools for data collection, data analysis, and how to use the results for program reporting and program improvement.

For more information please contact
Kristen McKinnon,
Community Service-Learning Specialist
Massachusetts Department of Education

If these aren't the tools you're looking for try CART (Compendium of Research and assessment Tools for Measuring Education and Youth Development Outcomes)

Knowledge is power ! Sending out a big thank you to those researchers and practitioners whose hard work help improve all of our service.

-Heather Margolis, National Service-Learning Partnership

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