September 17, 2008

Corporation for National and Community Service Public Board Meeting

Just a quick tidbit from yesterday's Corporation for National and Community Service Public Board meeting. David Eisner, the CEO of the Corporation, will be leaving the Corporation in the middle of November. Nicola Goren, the current Chief of Staff, will serve as the interim CEO following David's departure and until the next administration identifies a replacement.

Those of us who have been in the service movement for a few years recognize David's contributions to improving the financial and accountability systems of the Corporation during his tenure. Thanks to David's leadership the Corporation has had exemplary audits over the last two years and has shown improved systems across the board. David has also overseen the Corporation as it has gone though a period of great transition to a point at which the idea of national service has bipartisan support.

I send my thanks to David for his efforts and encourage everyone else to take a moment and do the same.

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