October 08, 2008

Idea for Shining the Spotlight on Service-Learning

Check out the simple, but cool ways people from across the country are shining the spotlight on service-learning this week. Here is a flyer Carla Stone in Lowell, Michigan developed to make sure others were aware of the impact service-learning had on local schools and the community last year. Already, more than 40 teachers have accepted the challenge and will use service-learning in their classrooms this year!

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cstone said...

Thanks, Christina, for posting our flyer. After 3 days of our Challenge, we now have 53 teachers in our district who have "accepted the challenge". It has turned into a fun way to get teachers fired up about using service learning in their classrooms this year! I have been sending out daily updates to each of our staff members with the daily updates to get the competitive juices flowing! I have found that being creative with the email updates -- using color, creative fonts, variety of sizes, have really attracted people's attention. I'm not sure when people think prmoting their programs, they think about being creative with promoting it internally as well as externally.

Thanks again!

Carla Stone
Service Learning Coordinator
Lowell Area Schools (Michigan)