March 26, 2009

This Is It: Senate to Decide on the Serve America Act (S. 277) Today

Ten years of work now comes down to the next six hours. The U.S. Senate is in the final stages of debating and deliberating landmark legislation that will dramatically expand support for service-learning in our nation’s schools and communities. Senate leaders hope to vote on the bill around close of business today (approx. 6-7 p.m. eastern).

We’re so close to making history, but we need your help.

Please call your Senators NOW! Every phone call and electronic message counts and your voice matters.

Call the Senate operator at (202) 224-3121 to get connected to your legislators.

Send an electronic message to your senator via his or her website. Ask them to vote YES for the Serve America Act (S. 277). Urge them to vote against any hostile amendment that will undermine this important piece of legislation and ask them to vote in support of the Serve America Act.

Here are talking points you can use to call or email your senator.

During Wednesday's debate 31 amendments were filed, and 7 were accepted by unanimous consent. In addition, several amendments of concern to the national service community were also filed.

Read an overview and explanation of these amendments. Special thanks to Voices for National Service for compiling this information. Once you call or email your senator, send a quick email to so we can track our outreach. Encourage your colleagues and friends to take action too.

If you’ve been waiting to call or email your Senator—please WAIT NO LONGER. Now is the time. Now is our moment. Today is the day.

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