August 31, 2006

No More Band-Aids

An article in today's Washington Post, Police Chiefs Cite Youths in Crime Rise, Call for More Federal Funds clearly indicates our nation's need to do more for our young people. The destructive path of life that many of today's youth are choosing validates the necessity to increase educational and social programs that can perhaps enable our young people to make better choices and instill in them a moral compass.

Rather than pour federal funds into increasing law enforcement, which personally I believe is a Band-Aid to this problem, we should try and prevent the bleeding from ever occurring. Let's start with providing our young people with the necessary education, tools, and programs conducive to becoming a productive member of society and an active citizen. A national study of Learn and Serve America programs suggests that effective service-learning programs improve grades, increase attendance in school, and develop students' personal and social responsibility.

Let's provide young people with learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom and help them to develop the skills to become a successful student, and more importantly, a better person. Today's article is strong motivation to continue the advocacy efforts for Learn and Serve America and service-learning. No more Band-Aids...let's stop the bleeding.

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