September 12, 2008


My first time hearing Hillary Clinton speak. She was great. Prior to this I had not heard of the service academies idea (I don't get out much), but she makes a compelling case -- her presentation was great. She understands the value of making service a right of passage and shows it clearly on her sleeve.

By my count we now have six senators (Cochran, McCain, Hatch, Clinton, Obama and Dodd) who are actively supporting the ServiceNation legislation. Just a hair this side of 10%. Not bad for the first four hours! This piece of legislation can definitely be done.

Jon Bon Jovi was next -- not bad, but from the looks of the faces at every other person at my table he is doing more for everyone else here. Someone just said he is beautiful.

Governor of California just spoke -- you know his name, but I can't spell it (we need to improve the public education system). Also a great speaker. I had no idea he was so funny. A great supporter of service and a friend of service learning -- he has to be great.

That is it for me on this event. My final impression is that this was a great move forward for the field. I am excited to have been here and for service learning to be a part of it all.

There was not enough service learning here and too few young people representing the millions of young people participating in service learning in secondary and elementary schools or at CBO's -- but a lot to build on. And, Monday the real work starts.

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