September 12, 2008

Service-Learning in the National Spotlight

After being somewhat disappointed that service-learning and the role of youth civic engagement weren't explicitly discussed during last night's presidential forum, I never would've guessed that Mayor Michael Bloomberg would be among the first to thrust service-learning into the spotlight at ServiceNation.

Mayor Bloomberg told the audience about his administration's new initiative and commitment to engage New York city youth in service-learning (YES--he actually used service-learning in a sentence). Bloomberg reminded the crowd of what I've been so eager for someone to say on-stage since arriving last night: K-12 youth engaged in service must be a fundamental component in a ServiceNation and that you don't have to be over the age of 17 to work toward the common good.


But gets even better!

If Mayor Bloomberg was the first to mention service-learning, Mrs. Bush was the first to formally recognize the success and impact of Learn and Serve America, the only federal program dedicated to funding service-learning in schools, communities, and on college campuses (but more about Learn and Serve later).

Check out Mrs. Bush's remarks on the ServiceNation YouTube Channel.

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