April 15, 2011

About 2 Hours Left Today: Call the White House to Support Service-Learning Funding

Washington, DC - 4/15/11 - It's a little after 3:00 p.m. here in Washington, DC. The White House phone lines will be available for another two hours. Make the call for service-learning now.

1. Download these suggested talking points.
2. Dial 202-456-1111. Select option 1 to access the Comment Line.
3. Use the talking points to make the case for service-learning.
4. Once you're done, email sladvocate@gmail.com to let us know you made the call. We need at least 250-500 phone calls to put service-learning funding on the radar screen of White House officials. It is important that we track the number of calls being made to the White House about service-learning funding. Don't skip this step!

Remember: DO NOT ASK TO RESTORE FUNDING FOR LEARN AND SERVE AMERICA. By all accounts, that will not happen. Instead, ask the White House to give the Corporation for National and Community Service the flexibility (and frankly the priority) to maintain a foothold for service-learning in its Fiscal Year 2011 budget. If funding for service-learning is completely eliminated now, it will be almost impossible to restore in the future.

Check out www.servicelearningunited.org for the latest talking points and additional information to make the case for service-learning funding. Okay--it's 3:18 p.m. Make the call now!

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