April 14, 2011

Sign Letter in Support of Service-Learning Funding

Washington, DC - 4/14/11 - Learn and Serve America has been slated for elimination as part of the Fiscal Year 2011 budget deal negotiated by the White House and the Congress. Learn and Serve America is a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service and is the ONLY federal funding source dedicated to investing in service-learning in our nation's schools and communities. This is devastating news. This decision will drastically erode—if not dismantle—the support system for service-learning that exists in most states and, to some extent, local schools and communities.

While the topline budget numbers are final, the Corporation for National and Community Service may have some discretion to identify some funds within its budget to continue modest support for service-learning in Fiscal Year 2011.

Our opportunity to save funding for service-learning is a long shot,but possible. It is essential that White House and Administration officials hear from us as soon as possible. If funding for service-learning is totally eliminated from the Fiscal Year 2011 budget, the chance of restoring it in the future is almost impossible.

Take action to make a difference for the future of service-learning funding today:

SIGN-ON. Add your school or organization's name to the list of organizations speaking out against the elimination of Learn and Serve America. Sign-on to this letter by close of business Friday, April 15.

  • Download the letter here.

  • Click here to add your school or organization's name to this letter.

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