April 12, 2011

Service Funding Situation: Message from the Save Service Campaign

Washington, DC - 4/12/11 - By now you may be starting to hear reports regarding the budget deal agreed to by the White House and Congress for FY 11. We know that there has been a $74.6 million reduction in funding for CNCS, and according to some accompanying press releases, that number includes a $23 million reduction in funding for AmeriCorps and a $40 million reduction in funding for Learn and Serve America, which is the entire Learn and Serve America budget.

There is another $12.5 million in cuts for which the source is not specified. In addition, all domestic discretionary programs will be subject to a .2 across the board cut, which has not been applied to the numbers I report above. (so there will be an additional cut).

We are working hard to thoroughly analyze the bill, but there are few specifics and there is no explanatory statement, which leaves a lot of discretion to agencies, and makes it very difficult to nail down details easily. We have reached out to our sources on the Hill and at CNCS and will let you know more as soon as we know more.

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